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Crowdfunding as a Capital Source for Women Entrepreneurs: Case Study of Kickstarter, a Reward-Based Crowdfunding Platform
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The Philippines - Trade Facilitation Challenges for Women Traders and Customs Brokers : Survey Findings and Recommendations
Her Home – Housing Finance for Women
Kyrgyz Republic: Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Project – Consultant’s Initial Report
Comparing the Impact of All-Inclusive and Non-All-Inclusive Tourism Models on the Quality of Jobs for Women
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Gender in Agribusiness Supply Chains in Uzbekistan and Turkey
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Gender Differences in the Usage of Formal Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Synthesis of Six Country Case Studiespdf
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Qualitative Assessment of Economic Mobility and Labor Markets in Turkey: A Gender Perspective
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Market Scoping Study to Inform the Development of the AfDB’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa Programme (AFAWA)
ADB Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Program – Mobile Banking Initial Report (FMCC)
Access to Finance and Capacity Building of Women-led Small and Medium Enterprises in Zambia