Financial Sector & Economic Consulting


We advise policy-makers on a broad range of issues including Financial Sector Stability, Financial Inclusion, Small Business Programs, Gender Equality & Women Entrepreneurship, and Agriculture. We can leverage our strong in-house skills with a unique network of internationally recognized subject matter experts to help design and implement policy interventions.


Our teams have worked extensively with central banks and financial sector supervision agencies across the globe, as well as with international and multilateral development organizations. We are well versed in the particular challenges of developing supervisory processes and capabilities to achieve risk-based and cost-effective supervision. We have also supported clients in designing strategies to improve access to finance for micro, small, and medium-size entrepreneurs as well as small agricultural producers.


A2F Consulting has helped with the designs of gender strategies and carried-out a series of studies addressing gender issues on both financial and economical levels. Our specialists have delivered gender-sensitive training to financial and non-financial institutions staff, women entrepreneurs, business development service providers, and other stakeholders to increase access to finance for women.

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