Management Consulting 

A2F Consulting brings a holistic perspective and wide-ranging experience on strategy development, with a great capacity for analysis and synthesis, a critical asset for identifying and addressing challenges both unforeseen and anticipated. We combine both a top-down and rigorous bottom-up approach to ensure that our work results in immediately actionable steps and priorities. Understanding the organizational and operational model, work culture, and structure of complex organizations is important to provide effective advisory services –another core competitive advantage of A2F Consulting. We advise policymakers and organizations to improve performance at the institutional and sector levels in financial sector stability, risk-based supervision, financial inclusion, SME development.

At the operational level, our experts provide advisory support in process optimization, change management, HR, and capacity building. Our team has worked extensively with central banks and financial sector regulators, as well as with international and multilateral development organizations. We understand the particular challenges of developing supervisory processes and institutional capabilities to improve the performance of the entire sector or individual institution. This gives us leverage to benchmark our client organizations’ current practices against industry-recognized best practices and suggest improvements for enhanced organizational performance and results.