We provide independent Monitoring and Evaluation services to help assess the performance and impact of organizations, policies, and projects. M&E is now a widely used tool for measuring performance at the policy and project level. It encompasses the design of base-, mid-, and end-line studies as well as the elaboration of indicators to monitor and measure progress before, during, and after project completion.

We have expertise with both performance and impact evaluations. Our approach is typically theory-based and applies a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, including experimental methods. We also help our clients at the strategy level to design and/or calibrate their results framework. Core topics are finance and financial inclusion, agriculture, water & sanitation, gender, entrepreneurship, transportation, and energy. Our institutional due diligences are holistic and involve an assessment of operational and/or financial issues, technology, and qualitative factors, such as the corporate strategy, culture, and organizational dynamics. Our strong operational skills are a unique differentiating factor, which ensures that our assessments are relevant and substantive.